Honeymoons are the perfect remedy for the stresses of wedding planning. I don't believe many people realise the magnitude of planning their own wedding.. not until they're in the middle of it and start losing the plot.

Endless lists, tasks, phone calls, emails, decision fatigue, family politics, choosing a photographer (that one's easy...choose me), a seating plan that took a week instead of a day, weather worries, contingency plans, stress....it really does consume your life for a long time.

Then the wedding day comes and it's absolutely perfect.

Perfect because you are marrying the love of your life. And you can't stop smiling.

Flash forward a couple of days and you find yourself sitting next to your new wife or husband and you're about to embark on an amazing journey together.

And you still can't stop smiling.

Wedding planning...what wedding planning?

It'll be the best trip you'll ever make. You are high on life and the possibilities of your lives together seem endless.

The romance of the journey, the romance of the landscape...beaches, forests, cities, mountains.. wherever you go, it'll be amazing.

On our honeymoon I took my film cameras and a big bag full of film. I photographed the landscapes we moved through, or stayed in. Every time I look at these photos now it takes me back to our time in Italy and Greece ~ and to a time I never want to forget.


My landscape photos are shot on a medium-format film camera called a Mamiya 7, loaded with Kodak Portra film

Andy Morris