Inspiration is crucial for a photographer who wants to continually evolve and improve their work.

Inspiration can literally come from anywhere and at any time and is a blessing for any creative endeavour.

Weddings are always a constant source of inspiration to me... the occasion of two people devoting their whole lives to each other in the name of love, WOW.. how could it not be. So by the very nature of photographing a wedding I can draw inspiration from the occasion itself.

A bride and groom surrounded by loving family and friends in the moment of the best day of their lives.

I never get tired of it. The raw emotion. I love tapping into the raw emotion of people. I'm not only blessed to witness this.. but I have this camera in my hands that can capture it forever.

That is what I mean by a source of inspiration. Seeing someone look at me with no mask on, no inhibitions. Just them. Their real, raw emotion.

Trying to take a photo of a stranger in the street and achieve this is difficult as a feeling of trust has not been established. This is why I place a great deal of importance on building trust with the couples and the people I photograph.

So they take their masks off.

And let me in.


Andy Morris