Rain, hail and sunshine...

You can pray to the sun gods for your wedding day to be cloud free, and who knows that may just work out, but if the rain does come.. it brings a lot of beauty with it.

Clouds and rain are very atmospheric and can add a whole new dynamic to your day and to your wedding photos. Personally i'm a beach bod and a sun lover so am biased toward the big blue, however some of the most memorable weddings i've photographed have been the stormy ones.

There's definitely an energy and excitement that comes with stormy weather. Yes of course you don't want your gorgeous dress or suit to get muddy, but that can be avoided by using some photogenic umbrellas and sticking to hard surfaces during the location shoot.

And there's always a break in the rain where the sun may even poke through and create some of the most beautiful light you'll ever see.. a photographers dream.

As a wedding photographer you prepare for every possible weather situation and learn to embrace whatever is in front of you. This can be challenging at times as it will test your skills to the maximum.. but if you know what you are doing you can ALWAYS get the shot. I love wedding photography for this exact reason.. because it keeps me on my toes and rewards me at every turn.

The wedding below was photographed on the northern beaches, Laura & Jez embraced everything that the sky threw at us and enjoyed every moment.. and when the sun popped out on their beloved Freshwater Beach, it was all the more special for it.


Andy Morris