Weddings by Morris is me, Andy Morris. I offer a boutique and highly personalised approach to wedding photography.


I started out photographing landscapes, on my motorbike travels through Europe and South America, as a way of capturing and recording the beauty that surrounded me. And still to this day my love lies in that moment.. where beauty surrounds you and connects with you on a deeper level. In an attempt to remain connected with that moment forever, I take photographs.


So why weddings?


I remember exactly the time when I felt the desire to photograph weddings.

I was at a beautiful garden wedding in France. I was walking out to the lawn where everyone had congregated after the ceremony. The bride and groom were beaming with joy and relief. I stopped still and absorbed the moment, absorbed my surroundings. The more I became connected to that moment, the more I became aware of every detail that made it what it was. The beauty was overwhelming.

And I wanted to photograph it, all of it.

So whilst I remain a passionate landscape and travel photographer, I found within weddings that very same feeling I have on my travels. The joy of capturing the beauty surrounding me.. and having it forever.

My Approach

I believe the best way to capture a wedding day is to photograph candidly with a documentary approach. My focus is on capturing the real moments that tell the story of your day.

I like to be quietly observant, staying out of the way, watching, anticipating, being in the right place at the right time. I love the authenticity of capturing a beautiful moment that is unaware of me and the camera. I shoot with smaller prime lenses as I find big zoom lenses to be obtrusive.

I dress appropriately for your dress code.. to blend in. The more I blend in and go unnoticed, the more candidly I can shoot and the more natural and beautiful the results.

From time to time I will cross over into a more structured approach, to pick up the detail.. all the unique and personal details that tell the story of you as a couple and of your day.

As part of my preparation for your wedding I take great care and effort in scouting out gorgeous environments in which to hold your location photos, places that will perfectly compliment your wedding story.

Above all I love to be absorbed in the beauty, atmosphere and emotion of your day...and to capture it, moment by moment, as it unfolds.

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